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Floor to Ceiling Design Center
Floor to Ceiling Design Center

Let us bring your ideas to life

Floor to Ceiling
Design Center

Let us bring your ideas to life

Floor to Ceiling
Design Center

Making Your Dreams Reality

Where to start


Deciding to remodel your home can be very exciting, but also very stressful. Luckily, The Floor to Ceiling Design Center is here to help make your remodel a wonderful journey from the initial design phase all the way to project completion. We understand remodeling is a big event, whether it's a room or your whole house.   

Pick & Choose


Hand select options to fit every budget without compromising appearance, style and quality.   Many projects require similar steps, so we are here to help you step by step so you understand the home design and remodeling process. 

What Do You Like


 Not any home owner ever has the same style as the next, that is why Floor to Ceiling Design Center has everything you will need from cabinets to counter tops, floors to fixtures.  We offer a variety of colors, styles and brands to fit every budget and personalized needs.  

You Tell Us


 Its all about choice. So, instead of merely getting a list of “standard features,”  you get to choose how you want your home to live. You get to collaborate with a dedicated expert to help you make the choices that are best for you. 

If you are your own contractor or even doing the work yourself, you can always purchase from Floor to Ceiling Design Center. No obligations!

How is it


 What do we mean when we say customization is luxury? Picture a cozy study nook where your kids can do their homework, a home gym with a full bath attached, or a home theater where the whole family can kick back and relax. Large family? Add extra bathrooms, a mudroom, and even unfinished spaces you can later finish if you want more room.

What is Custom to you?


  When building a custom home or doing a home remodel, don’t think that luxury is strictly about square footage or snazzy features; it’s about creating a space that truly fits you and your life.

What sells?

 If you’re considering selling your home, one of the best spaces to update is your kitchen. Potential buyers absolutely fascinated in even minor changes, such as updated counters, cabinets, faucets, and appliances. However, it’s important to be especially mindful of costs when you’re doing updates with the hope of improving the market value of your home or getting it to move faster. You often won’t recoup the expenses of lavish or custom upgrades, and if your revamp makes your home more expensive than others in the neighborhood, it won’t move as fast. Be sure to let your contractor know why you’re doing updates, so you can work together to create a solid plan that meets your personal goals. 

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

  Why choose tile as your flooring option?  Ceramic and porcelain tiles look great and never go out of style. We offer you the ability to choose from hundreds of different tiles to help you achieve the flooring presentation you desire, and work with all budget!   


 Save Big on our 1st Quality carpet specials from Mohawk Shaw and other major carpet manufacturers 


  Ledge stone is a modern-inclined, clean design that adds sleek, textural interest to any project.  Natural stone is more than rock people build with, it’s naturally elegant, pure, and a solid indication of your personality.  

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